3 November 2023

On the 15th October 2023 I arrived at the Institute for Consecrated Life in India (ICLS), shortly called SANYASA, which in Sanskrit means “Purification of Everything”. This Institute is a service towards the Consecrated Life by the Claretian Missionaries in India (https://www.claret .org/ apostolate/institutes-for-consecrated-life/#:~:text=Contextualizing%20religious%20life%20 in%20the%20Asian%20setting%2C%20Sanyasa, scope%20of%20reviving%20and%20empowering%20the%20consecrated%20persons). I have come for my new mission at this Institute, forming a part of the staff and community, serving towards the young religious men and women through classes, spiritual guidance and accompaniment. It’s been one of my passions to spend part of my life to inspire the young consecrated persons for a deeper living of God’s Call. It’s also our charismatic ministry as stated in our Constitutions. I am thankful for the congregation for providing me such an opportunity.

Sanyasa’s modest and still atmosphere favors for deepening my spiritual life, my vocational commitment with more time for prayers, readings and reflections which I do need after some years of active pastoral ministry. As always, the Claretina fathers are very much supportive and welcoming. I feel at home since it’s a very Claretian environment where I am. I will be here in this ministry for the coming three years looking forward for a fruitful life and mission dedicated to all the consecrated persons. Also hoping for new ventures of mission for our congregation here in India.

Geraldine, RMI                                     

SANYASA                                                                                                 Bangalore, India

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.