“You alone are the source from which flows the water of true happiness.”

11 March 2023

Happy Teresita Albarracín Day!

Therese leaves in the  hands of God the Father lives everything with joy, for Jesus, the center and engine of her life, until she expresses her motto, which gives her identity:  to always smile.

We dedicate, the prayer composed by her, to all the Claretian juniors: My life is Christ (Teresita Albarracín)

I want this to be my motto constantly and I hope that I will live it intensely, that I will be able to say with the apostle:

“I live, but it is not me, it is Christ who lives in me”.

To achieve this, I have to conform my life in everything to that of Jesus, thinking that I am a member of his Body and therefore I must think and feel at all times according to the Head who is Christ. Thus when I get up I will think that it is Christ incarnating himself in the womb of Mary; when I get dressed that it is Jesus putting on our nature; when I offer to God my works and all of me through consecration that it is Jesus offering himself to the Father in the temple; during meals, which is Jesus saying my food is to do the will of the Father who sent me; in my work, quietly, silently, which is Jesus in the workshop of Nazareth; in silence in the recollection of prayer, which is Jesus fleeing from the mobs and withdrawing into the desert to pray; in the works of the apostolate, which is Jesus working for the Glory of his Father….

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.