150th Anniversary of Claret’s Passover

23 October 2020

We celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Claret’s Passover in communion with the whole Claretian Family.

“What I want is to love, serve and die for Jesus Christ” (Rome, Letter to Fr. Curríus, June 1, 1870).

The spirit of Claret is alive today in people who adhere to his charism beyond the years, in the Claretian family, in us Claretians, who are his daughters it acts and expands through “family”, shared contact. This grace of the charism contains an ever-new creativity, light and source, we turn today to welcome its call again, that invites us strongly for the search in this time of disorientation, fragility, of so much uncertainty, because “we are perplexed, although not desperate ”(2Cor 4, 8). The Spirit repeats to us “have confidence…” and disposes us with humility and freedom to its action, since “it urges us from the origin of the Institute, to the renewal of the Church” (Const. 1981, 2). It is not about making new plans but it is about not losing the here and now, from the essential values of our life that are to announce Christ, in poverty, sharing the path, making a family.

We express our deep gratitude to God for the witness of St. Anthony Mary Claret of his untiring life, missionary in all its dimensions and transformed into the fire of love: “the charity of Christ urges me”.

Happy feast!

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.