Canonical visit to the Mission Province of Africa

18 February 2023

In the middle of the visit, here are some echoes, after having passed through Cameroon, Nigeria and having just started in Congo.

In Nigeria, the formation house in Owerri is a multicultural community with 5 novices and a postulant. The mission house in Aondona is inserted in the rural area with educational and health projects, in an environment where schooling and study for girls is still considered unnecessary.

In Cameroon, the mission is carried out in Bafoussam, with an emerging health centre.

The visit continued in Congo to the school and health centres of Mpasa, which is about to celebrate 10 years of life working through the evangelising and Claretian footprint, and the community of Limete, seat of the provincial government and place of integral formation of the students.

The context of these missions is what constantly lurks and challenges us to educate and fight against all forms of violence: corruption, intimidation and abuse of power. At the same time it is a society that every day again, in spite of risk, seeks improvement, dances and smiles and even in the midst of lack of resources fights for life. The Pope’s messages in what he has defined as “his mission in Congo” enlighten and comfort the Church’s witness. Their echoes accompany this visit. On the road to Pay.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.