In communion with the Global Compact on Education

16 February 2021

In order to put into practice the objectives pointed out by Pope Francis in his message of 15 October 2020, concerning the educational pact, the EIS LUMSA, University of Rome, has carried out a work of collection, selection and classification of the experiences of Organisations, Associations, Religious Congregations, Catholic schools and universities and other educational institutions.

At the behest of His Excellency Monsignor Zani, the University decided to organise monthly events: five congresses illustrating the four themes of the Global Compact on Education proposed by Pope Francis.

The aim is to give visibility to the experiences presented and to initiate a possible synergy between academic institutions, non-profit organisations, organisations and associations involved in the various fronts of education.

To participate in the first conference, focused on the area of “Fraternity and Development”, held online on the morning of 15 February, among other experiences, the project of the Escuelita del Batey de Manoguayabo, located in the Dominican Republic, was selected.

The conference was attended by Jolanta Superior General, Lia Prefect of Apostolic Mission and Lidia Alcántara Ivars, in charge of the Escuelita del Batey.

Below is the video presentation of the experience:

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.