Juniors Reus

18 June 2014

The Formation Course for Junior sisters in Reus has been completed on June P11301624. The last weeks were filled by the Spiritual Exercises, workshop on the Word of God (with our sister Teresa Villabona) and four days of evaluations at all levels. The experience of sisters in community, the experiences of the juniors, all those who have collabarated during these 8 months, have made this course rich and deep. The words often listenned in these last days were: gratitude, claretian experience, joy and enthusiasm, despite of heavy package of deepened knowledge.

The course begun on October 4th 2013. 10 sisters from different countries have been dedicated to deepen their claretian indetity and belonging in a environment of the charismatic roots: Ana from Argentina, Diana and Maria from Mexico, Jaqui from India, Patricia from Guatemala, Perpetue, Pauline and Jacqui from Congo and Juani from Colombia; accompanied by Agnieszka from Polonia. As Claret who bofore going for the mission in Cuba passed by the shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat, the sisters went to pray and offer themselves to continue their missionary jorney.

From the general Prefecture of Formation the course P1120954was coordinated by the team of Beatriz Salazar, Bertha Banega Ana Maria Madrile, and  Jolanta Kafka



Thank you! … to the congregational community for this experience.

you can follow the activities which have been done at the blog page:


During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.