Let us rekindle our missionary zeal…by designing solidarity projects

12 August 2020

The Solidarity for the Mission team of the Latin America Province has proposed a series of activities for July 2020 to accompany the communities and apostolic centres in the realisation of solidarity projects. Specifically, it has offered, in a markedly family and Claretian style, a workshop of three encounters, for the training of the sisters and laity in the elaboration of solidarity projects.

The motivation received from the general team of Solidarity for the Mission, has impelled this formative experience whose result wants to be, above all, in favour of our poor and needy people in the majority of the cases.

In the three meetings it has been realized:

  1. A motivation from contemplating the reality in which we are at the moment. To see it and to pray for it to encourage us to make a commitment to our brothers by offering our time and personal gifts.
  2. A space on how to carry out projects, based on the proposal of “HANAN”, with the contribution of the General Prefect of the Apostolic Mission and the formation material made available from Korima Claretianas
  3. To dream of projects and proposals that can be crystallized into actions from an attentive reading of one’s own reality.

35 lay people and 6 Claretian Sisters participated in the workshop. It is a wonderful experience as an expression of the Church that goes forth to the most urgent and opportune aspects of our reality.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.