Meeting of Charismatic Families “never far away and today together”

23 November 2020

On November 21st, several sisters from Rome, East Asia, South Asia, the lay people Enrique Aguilera belonging to the Lay Claretian Family of Santiago de Cuba and Miriam Di Lello from Rome and other members of claretian family, participated in the encounter of Charismatic Families which was entitled “CHARISMATIC FAMILIES never far away and today together” held online. The theme of the day was the contribution of the CFs to the care of the common house.

Here is the testimony of Enrique Aguilera:

“We are called to be saints even though the mode of incarnation is different”. These words, told by one of the sisters at the meeting, give me an image of what for me as a lay person is the charism, a call and a modality of incarnation, from different ways of serving Him, through the vocation that He arouses in us.

I confess my joy of having participated in this meeting, not only for doing it for the first time, but for the “smell of the united Church” that I felt when closing the Zoom, the certainty that God’s hands are many and that every reality of pain and suffering is touched in Family. There is no ailment that is not cured in the family, and Mary is our home, and all Charismatic Families are one in her, who brings us her Son.

If I were to sum up these three hours of sharing in one word, I would choose communion; we are not islands, as the Pope says, not even when the Spirit shelters us in a Charism are we exempt from living in the great communion of the same Sun that reaches everyone with its light, even if we enjoy different rays; walking hand in hand, and bringing it closer to those who cannot walk, cooperating as a family in the great Family of families, knowing that together we can reach out and bring Jesus to others, is the sense of Church that I take with me after this beautiful meeting, charged with true apostolic witness.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.