21 October 2018

The DIOCESAN COMMISSION OF CATECHESIS has organized a meeting of Coordinators in which the material was presented to analyze the reality of the parochial catechesis; the groups were informed and shared about the programming of the various activities of the year.
Given the geographical distances, the difficulties of transportation and to facilitate participation, we carried out the same TRAINING WORKSHOP OF CATECHISTS, in different areas of the Archdiocese on the different topics – The catechist, disciple, friend of Jesus and missionary,
– Preparation of the Session of catechesis
– Use of crafts and games in Catechesis
– Teaching of prayer
The methodology was very active and participative interweaving talks, group work, dynamics for different ages, songs, prayer and manual activities and games.
The Workshop was developed in four places: in Palma Soriano, Songo, El Cobre, Santiago and its rural areas; it have participated  in total about 300 catechists.
With the help of many people for transportation, the preparation of the spaces, setting, meals, technical elements … there was a spirit of joy for the encounter, the collaboration and the sharing in; joy and commitment at work.
Close to the celebration of Claret, the eminent figure in Cuba and patron of catechesis in the Island, we are preparing the CELEBRATION OF THE DAY OF THE CATECHIST. We will also do it in several places: Palma Soriano, Santa Teresita (Santiago) together with the sending of the Missionaries and of the Catechists.
It is exciting to see so many people engaged in the evangelizing mission carried forward with so much dynamism and sacrifices due to the deficiencies, limitations and difficulties of all kinds … I feel that God looks with great tenderness at the efforts and the constant search for ways to announce His Word especially in the rural areas, where the mission is particularly complicated.
María Soledad Galerón (Santiago de Cuba)

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.