Preparation XVII General Chapter IV

3 July 2017

The calendar without clemence shows that within 15 days we will begin our XVII General Chapter with the theme… 

WALKING IN APOSTOLIC COMMUNITY, MAKE EASY FOR OTHERS THE SAME PATH. Claretian missionary sisters with the Church ‘going out.

These words, as we all know, are taken from the “Aim and Goal of the Order, from the primitive Constitutions written by Mother Foundress, and they are kept in the present ones. It is a key point of “our way and way of living” (Const. 2.3), which includes some of the fundamental elements of the charism: our dimension of “apostolic community“, centered in Christ, “to follow the footsteps of Christ our Good”, since we have been called to “be with Him” and “be sent to live and proclaim the Kingdom”, committed to the “renewal of the Church” and to the mission of “teaching and making easy for others this same way.” To these elements we add the missionary “going out“, to respond to the urgent call that Pope Francisco addresses us with to get out of ourselves and depart for the service of those who need our life and our mission; and the missionary ardor of the Founders to go to any part of the world with creativity and boldness.

(circular Convocation)

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.