María Del Olvido Noguera Albeda
Claretian Alumna

22 September 2023

A young Claretian, former student of the school of Mary Immaculate of Carcagente, Valencia-Spain, of whom we feel proud for her footprints and seeds that the Claretian Missionary Sisters, her educators, undoubtedly left in her heart.
She was born in Carcagente on December 30, 1903. She was a determined and active young woman. Faithful laywoman, authentic and coherent. She learnt, without doubt, in the classrooms of the school what is proper to education, but above all, she learnt to say Yes to the Lord in the small and great trials of life. She was a young woman dedicated to the service of both the people and the ecclesial community. She developed and deepened her lay vocation, becoming a true apostle.
On 30 November 1936 she was called to go to the committee to testify. She had nothing to hide and nothing to fear. She had never been involved in anything. After a few hours, she was taken to the place called “Portichol”. After the humiliation and torture, she was shot together with her brother. She still had the breath to shout: “VIVA CRISTO REY” (LONG LIVE CHRIST THE KING).
At the age of 32 she gave her life in fidelity to Christ and his Gospel.
She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 11 March 2001. Her feast day is celebrated on 22 September

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.