Easter! Surprise time

30 March 2024

Dear Sisters, friends and lay people with whom we share the Charism, Claretian Family, collaborators, benefactors;

Today the whole earth celebrates God’s surprise, the Resurrection of his Son is the unexpected reality never calculated, the exit never looked at, the solution never thought of, because many times our faith wavers and closes itself to the Word of God.

It is the time of the full manifestation of what is different, of the pedagogy of God who never asks, but only gives, who transforms death into life and what seems finished into a beginning. God knows how to put life where there are no prerequisites for it.

It is the time of God’s care for humanity, the time to move the stones that block the way, to free ourselves from the schemes that enslave us, from the limits that obsess us.

It is the time to respond, together to the call to let ourselves be carried by the Risen One who is fullness of life.

Happy Easter! The sisters of the General Team

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.