Wonderful Gift

9 December 2014

Thank to the great generosity of the Company of Mary, the Crucifix of the “initial vision” that has been in the choir of the Church of the Convent in Tarragona, has been donated to our Congregation.

In this Cross we can see the origins and the essence of our identity. Maria Antonia Antonia has been praying before It and offering herself for the restauration of the Church. The Cross – where she has learned everything – is the sourse of wisdom for our life and mission.

We are grateful to the Company of Mary in Spain for this precious gift in this time of Advent. For us it has a special meaning in our process of discernment within the project of Restructuration of the Congregation.


Christ Crucified and Risen

Strength and wisdom of God, we bless you!

Summon us, attract us and show where to fin ligth and hope.

Keep un together with You, faithful in the prayer, even in the darkest nigths of our faith.

Imprint in our hearts the words of your Gospel –

may they transform our existence and renew our being Apostles ‘new in practice’.

Make us instruments, though week, of the joy and justice of the Kingdom.

Dress us up with your feelings to collaborate in the renewal of the Church and solidarity with those who bear in their bodies your wounds.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.