A time of conversion and hope

17 February 2021

Today, with Ash Wednesday, the Lenten season begins, a favorable time for the Word to be the daily comfort; silence be the ground to receive it; faith be the firm rock to live it and, assurance in its transforming power, the creative power to announce and bear witness to it.

The awareness of the merciful God who forgives with tenderness and compassion, accompany us on this journey of encounter and conversion what the Lenten liturgy proposes us every year.

May we enter this journey with humility which drives us to hope and opens us to the ministry of reconciliation; may we live this time with resilience and hope when the human family experience the wound of sickness, death, distance, separation, that shatters assurances and awaited projects.

Let us welcome this new opportunity what the Lord offers us, trusting in the renewing and redeeming mercy, for it is the encounter of two hearts: that of God who goes out to meet and that of man (Pope Francis) who hopes and wishes to be welcomed, loved and sent as a channel for the goodness he received.

Have a good journey!
Lent 2021

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.