A YES that renews and is renewing

26 August 2023

To celebrate the birth of our Institute is to remember the Yes of Maria Antonia Paris confirming her surrender to God and with which we began in the history, as a religious family, a journey of love and service to the Church.

Every August 27, as in the consecration of each Claretian missionary, the congregation is RENEWED. A special irruption of the Spirit encourages us to make new what our founders began 168 years ago and that each sister throughout time has made concrete with her testimony and service for the Kingdom.

 Encouraged by the same Spirit and following in the footprint of the life and mission that María Antonia París left with her life, we are called to give continuity to the gift of grace received at the beginning.

May our presence today and always be the fruit that our founders dreamed of: to be a new order, not in doctrine but in practice; women pilgrims on journeys that lead us to teach the holy law to all peoples.

Today let us give thanks for the life and mission of each Claretian missionary and of all those with whom we share the charism following in the footsteps of Christ our Good.

May the Founding Grace help us to remain faithful to God’s plan.

Happy day!!!

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.