Advent : a journey towards hope…

2 December 2023

Advent is a journey towards hope, a time to deepen the invitation to be women who wait, artisans who weave their threads together with many others. One of the first names given to Mary in the Syriac churches was Weaver, the one who weaves humanity in Jesus. The one that does not reject any of the threads that make up the human warp.  With her, we are invited to weave the fabrics of affection and hope that enable us to welcome the life that is about to sprout, to receive the One who comes in a vulnerable way. This Advent season invites us to weave together three necessary threads: Coming out of ourselves. Make love concrete. Welcome the weak.  

We need to get out of our self-centeredness, the way we look at ourselves.  Falling in love with life makes us more responsible for our response, more responsible for the care… Attention to things and faces requires a way out of ourselves in order to love.

God’s love does not incarnate itself in history where we expect it. His way of bursting in, disconcerts us.  Jesus is going to be born by choosing the weak.  When we welcome the weak, we welcome Jesus who comes disguised.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.