5 September 2019

With the presence of the referents of vocational youth ministry of the five institutions of the Claretian Family (Claretian Missionaries Sisters, Cordimarian Missionaries, Missionaries of San Antonio María Claret, Missionaries of the Claretian Institution and Claretian Missionaries cmf) and some young guests, the First Meeting of Youth Vocation Ministry of the Claretian Family is held on the level of America at the Claret Center in Talagante, Chile, from 2nd  to 6th of September.

In this meeting the listening of the realities the youth is facing has been prioritized. The first two days the emphasis is on the youth of our pastoral centres. Within the program, there has been an illuminating moment with the presentation of the Salesian priest Erick Oñate Jorquera, with the theme “Looking at our experience of Accompaniment in Youth Ministry”. The third day we share the walk of each entity,  its searches and findings, from the projects and plans with the youth and their vocational discernments. This first meeting aims to draw lines of action and shared paths that respond, with the sizzling fire of the common charism of Claret, to the work of the vocational youth ministry in Claretian Family.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.