26 August 2019

So, I made my long –awaited profession on August 27 1855 in the hands of my prelate Claret, to the joy of everybody, and more happiness in my soul-this one cannot be expressed…(Aut.MP225) 

When His  Excellency  Claret put the crown  I felt a weight so extraordinary on my head that it make bend, and naturally the crown weighed very little since it was formed by very fine flowers.  As I wondered about the great weight Our Lord told me “This is my daughter, the burden that you carry of the Reformation of my Church; and His Divine Majesty called me three times “my spouse” with great love making me understand that the Eternal Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit loved me much: And Our Lord said to me “My daughter: from now on I want to be in the midst of your heart as on my own throne:” and he rewarded with so much grace to have been waiting for so many years this sacred betrothal that His Majesty  wanted  to celebrate it for eight days in a row keeping the sacramental species from one communion to another, grace which had my soul as it were away from me  and it seemed that it had its resting place and dwelling in the center of the Sacred Heart of my God and Lord. I say «in the center of my God’s Heart», because it did not seem to me that God was in my heart, but I saw as if myself, body and soul, was within the Sacred Heart of my God and Lord.  (Relación a Caixal, 9)

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.