Beginning new year 2017

11 January 2017

We know that you will not be at peace until you find us in your likeness and with this (same) smallness. Allow us today, O Son of God, to draw dear to your heart. Grant that we may not consider ourselves great in our experiences. Grant us instead to become small like you, so that we can draw near to you and receive from you abundant humility and meekness. Do not deprive us of your revelation, the epiphany of your infancy in our hearts, so that with it we can heal all our pride and all our arrogance. We greatly need… for you to reveal in us your simplicity, by drawing us, and indeed the Church and the whole world, to yourself. (Pope Francis quoting Fr. Matta in his new year wishes for the Roman Curia)

We have begun the New Year in the Claretian spirit with some experiences and encounters in different places, using the opportunities of holidays… for formation sessions of juniors, communities…

Here we share some:

Juniors in Poland (from Italy and Spain) – On the Plan of Renewal of the Church in the light of our Charism, animated by Jolanta H.; in India (from Sri Lanka and India) – on the Sense of Consecration and Claretian belonging, animated by Jolanta K.; in USA (from Salvador, Guatemala, Messico, USA) – on the Word of God at the center of our life, animated by Margarita G.

Communities of Guadalupe Province in Miami – USA – on the leadership in the light of Antonia Paris’ writings, animated by Ana María M.

Sorry for the pause in publishing… due to the hacking attempts

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.