Celebrating the YES of Mary

26 March 2017

Every “YES” of faith, of following Jesus renews the history of the Church, of our Congregation. In the YES of Mary, that we remember on 25th of March, all the responses of fidelity to God are united and renewed. Day of the Annunciation we celebrated in the community of Ciampino, the 25th anniversary of the Profession of Priscilla Latela. In a family atmosphere, in the presence of the Superior General Soledad Galerón, Mayte Garitagoitia – Provincial of Europe. And many sisters from Rome, the family, we have experienced a heartfelt Eucharistic celebration presided by Gonzalo Fernandez, Vicar General CMF and

concelebrated by several priests. Through the intercession of Mary, we thank God for Lia’ vocation and prayed to strengthen and continue to make fruitful the Claretian path of Lia especially with new missionary vocations. How good is to find a way to say YES to God’s life in us! Hopefully many can encounter in this way the source of their growth and happiness!

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.