CLARET_WAY pre-launch. World Claretian Youth Network +18

29 October 2020

On October 24, in the framework of the program of the 150th anniversary of the Fr. Claret Death’s, referents of the Youth and Vocation Ministry of the Claretian Family all over the world, participated in the pre-launching of the World Claretian Youth Network+18, CLARET_WAY.

The World Claretian Youth Network+18 is a PROJECT that arises from the dreams shared by the referents of the Youth and Vocation Ministry from all over the world, gathered in Rome, in November 2018.

It is a PASTORAL STRUCTURE of the Claretian Family that links in a worldwide network the young people over 18 years of age in their communities among themselves, with the animators, and referents of the VYM, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, that articulates the local and regional proposals of VYM at the continental and world level. It is also a PROPOSAL of LIFE to grow in the following of Jesus, in the style of Claret and in our Claretian identity.

The Founding Document of CLARET_WAY has been prepared by a commission composed of Claretian Family members from all over the world and has been the object of study by the general government teams.  Finally, it has been approved ad experimentum by the referents of the YVM of the different groups of the CF on August 30 of this year.

With the pre-launch, a time of preparation for the implementation of the Network+18 at the local, regional, continental, and global levels was officially inaugurated. This period will culminate on October 24, 2021, with the incorporation of the youth and the official launch of CLARET_WAY.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.