Communion that gestated at Mary’s feet

14 August 2023

On 15 August, together with Mary of Assumption, Maria Antonia and her first companions made a vow to remain united. This first vow is a hallmark of our congregation. It is a vow of “fraternal union” based on “trust”. It is not just an another vow, it is the driving force that sustains us and gives us life, because we know that only those who trust can hope. The communion that Maria Antonia has dreamed of is a project not only for us, her daughters, but for all of us who walk together, for which we must continue to bet on as the foundation of our living together. After the vow of “no separation”, Maria Antonia and her companions embarked on a stormy journey, but, far from shrinking, they grew in confidence, convinced that God SUPPORTS them. The challenge we Claretian Missionary Sisters face today is to remain united and to create communion, without disintegrating or disengaging among brothers and sisters.

Let’s think about what it does mean to be united in our today… ✓ Sometimes united means, to look, to be silent and to walk in the rhythm of others …. ✓ When darkness comes, to be united, it is to become a star for “others”. ✓ When pain comes, to be united, is to feel a close presence that soothes. ✓ To be united, is to mourn together the misunderstandings. ✓ To be united is to fill the “you” with meaning, turning it into “we”. ✓ To be united is to be able to build bridges so that two different shores can dialogue.

Joining hands to heal wounds, THAT IS UNITY …. Eventually, to be united is to be certain that trust is the root and fruit of fraternal love that transforms everything.

We are called to set our eyes, ears and hearts on the unity so desired by our Mother Foundress.

Happy day!

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.