Contest winners

18 January 2021

On January 17, Mother María Antonia París’ day, a day of joy because we remember this great woman of faith, missionary, friend, that God has given us, the winners of the CLARETIANAS 2020 Contest competition were announced.

The motto of the contest: “One family and one heart for the mission” has been particularly inspired by Maria Antonia’s dream of unity and brotherhood which she transmitted to her daughters from the beginning of the Institute.

We are sure that from heaven she, together with Father Claret, smiled and enjoyed seeing so many children, adolescents, young people, families, educators, Claretian family, united around the reflection of being one family and one heart and was proud of all the artistic expressions that have given a note of colour, music, poetry, images to this great Claretian value. Art, beauty, is like a universal language that allows us to say something and hear something from the other; communication makes family.

So if it is important to win… the most important thing has been to participate.

The greatest thank you goes to all the participants who have taken on the challenge of launching themselves into this adventure. There were 626 participants from 4 continents, 62 finalists and 6 winners. Congratulations for your work and for giving us the great hope of walking together with creativity, spreading family joy in this not easy time.

Below are the names of the winners accompanied by a short excerpt from their work:

3-6 years old: Isabella Cipolletti Salman, Argentina

7-10 years old: Samuel Castañeda, Colombia

11-14 years old: Lucía Pérez Bulla, Spain and Estefanía Rodríguez, Colombia

15-18 years old: Tomás Bognanno, Argentina and the group “Los impostores” (Andrea Huerta González – Martín Granda Rubio – Zaira González Fernández), Spain

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.