Encounter With Major Superiors

19 April 2020

On April 18, in more than three hours of online meeting, the major superiors and the general government shared about the reality that the provinces are experiencing in this time of fragility, pain and … trying to sow hope. Both the general team and all the Entities live the consequences of the pandemic, above all in the concern for the sisters and their health, for the relatives, collaborators, staff and students of our centers. We are affected in our spirit and our faith is put to the test. This leads us to a stronger openness to God and trust in Him, “hope against all hope” … to be able to give support to others. We see how the situation is affecting the mobility of all, so the isolation focuses us in our communities and, from there, in their projection through the communication technologies, as well as in the concrete solidarity activities with those most needy. Confined coexistence reveals new community qualities, although it also creates tensions. Government visits in the provinces are affected. Canonical visits, fraternal visits, meetings between communities, formation projects, both at the general and provincial levels. The economy is affected in still unpredictable dimensions. All this it is not only constraining us to rethink the calendars and priorities of governments, but to launch the creativity of the Spirit to envision and renew our missionary life. Moments of crisis expose our best qualities and most strongly reveal our vulnerabilities. We feel challenged, but with a very uncertain horizon and that is why we have given ourselves time to more listen to, agree on criteria for changes in the planned activities, for the priorities in the path of restoration. We have felt a great joy in the encounter that in the Paschal climate we call hope. (Rome, April 19)

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.