End of the Meeting of the Walking Together Commission

30 August 2021

This arduous week of work has come to an end and with it a countless number of memories, experiences, learning and yearnings come to mind. We have walked together as a commission trying to follow faithfully the teachings of Jesus and accepting with gratitude his call to be missionary Apostles, taking the Gospel to all the world and trying to contribute in some way to the renewal of the Church, having as light and guide the life of our founders, who have preceded us on this path.

We have experienced communion as a special grace of the Spirit and we return to our communities with the hope of keeping this process alive. We take up the call of Jolanta, Superior General, to be bearers of the Gospel, from our particular vocation: lay and religious together, for the building of a Kingdom of justice and fraternity, making each other easy the same way.

It is worth mentioning that Rome has remained engraved in our hearts and minds, not only because it is a jewel in the history of humanity, but also because we have travelled, with grateful memory, the paths travelled by Claret in his passage through the eternal city.

This, in short, is an invaluable experience; there are the faces of many other brothers and sisters who, accepting the same call to walk together, gave their heart, life and soul in the construction of this process.

Thanks to them, we are responding to the objective of concretising an itinerary of spiritual formation for lay and religious women based on our claretian charism, in openness to the other charisms that, spread in the Church, aim to be a living copy of the first apostles by “clicking” in the heart of each one for the good of humanity.

We thank God for so much good received and for the longing to fulfil the dream of María Antonia París to build one family and one heart.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.