Experience of our Charismatic Roots

10 July 2019

Reus, July 9. The E. VOC.ANDO training course begins. During the weeks of July, August until September 12, sisters from different countries will travel the paths of the Founders and above all their interior itinerary that will help to renew the sense of Claretian consecration and identity, illuminating the processes of the personal missionary spiritual life (cf. DC 2017. 10; 18). Ana Maria and Amilbia accompany them in this journey.

Evoking – because they want to remember … to pass through the heart the experience of our charismatic roots, to evoke the experience of the vocation and the personalization of the charism in our life. E – in the light of the Gospel … (Evangelio);  VOC – it is our vocational call and its history; ANDO (walk) – because the life is a process; the course is “itinere”,  sisters experience it as pilgrims … revisiting the charismatic congregational places.

We wish them the best graces of the Holy Spirit.

(Amilbia, Norma, Anna, Mari Cruz, Ana Maria, Thushari, Wivine, Maribel; Ewa, Marisa, Nidiagnis, Dina y Consuelo.)

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.