“For a Synodal Church communion, participation, and mission”

10 October 2021

On the 9th and 10thof October the process of the Synod “For a Synodal Church communion, participation, and mission” began.

Jolanta, as a representative of the Union of  Superior  Generals  was invited to participate in the act of reflection that in the Hall of the Synod, on October 9 preceded the solemn opening with the Eucharist.

In this  meeting,  the Cardinals, Bishops, other people of all stages of life accompanied also by representatives of other Christian churches, have  been summoned by Pope Francis to two moments,  the first prayerful and reflective; and the second  with sharing in groups. 

The assembly have been guided by the Word of God of the first Chapter of Revelation: the introduction to the 7 letters with which the  Spirit addresses to the churches. In the succession of the meditations of the Word  of a laywoman Cristina  Inogés and Father Paul Berè jesuit, the  speeches of the pope  Francis,  of  Card. Grech and  Card. Hollerich,  the testimonies of some ecclesial realities, there emerges an interior disposition to begin the path of the Synod as a path of renewal of the Church in the participation of all. In addition to the words  communion, participation, and mission that are central to  this Synod, the Pope has invoked many times  the Holy Spirit as the protagonist of this pilgrimage and, as baptized,  that  no one may exclude oneself nor be excluded from the  process.

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As a representative of the Union of Superiors General  Jolanta  participated  and coordinated  one of the groups. It has been an exercise in listening and telling about the expectations  and hopes  that we bring at the beginning of the itinerary; dreams  and fears. It has been a spiritual exercise of attentive conversation where  the spaces  of speech alternate with the spaces of prayerful silence. In each group a secretary collected and synthesized the contributions to send them to the  Secretary of the Synod. The same group has been an image of diversity in the Church by origin, vocation, responsibility, gender, age. A small exercise of exchange of charismatic and hierarchical gifts; a realization that wherever we are, by our word,  good practices, we can be leaven and agents of the synodal path.

This morning the Eucaristía in the  Basílica of San Pedro, next to the Holy Father. Several sisters of  the Community of Calandrelli  were present feeling a strong ecclesial and congregational communion,  accompanying this  ecclesial moment that excites us.  Well, as we have  seen  on October 3 in our  formative meeting,  this interpellation  undoubtedly touches our  Claretian heart that beats to the rhythm of the life of the Church.

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During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.