From General Curia

22 May 2018

For three months Asti, Frisca, and Ivette will share with us in our living in intensive program of formation. Here they tell us about its beginning:  We began our encounter in Rome on May 18th by doing an opening prayer about embarking on this three months journey. Followed by the welcoming of our general Superior Jolanta, we talked about the expectations for this encounter and its purpose. Amilbia and Petronille will be accompanying us and guiding us throughout this intensive experience that wants to be an opportunity to deepen the Claretian vocation. Also, we shared and deepen on the meaning and importance of formation and how it helps us to configure our lives with Christ. We are still in the beginning of our journey, so we humbly ask of your prayers sisters. May the Holy Spirit continue to enlighten each one of us in the Congregation and fill us with a Renewed Missionary Spirit. Warm greetings!

Friska, Asti (from Indonesia) and Ivette (from USA)

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.