Hands and heart to the work… horizon: Constitutions

9 April 2024

On the 2nd April on the zoom platform, the General Government and the General Treasurer, together with the sisters of the Commission of Constitutions and Directory, were able to meet the Superior General and a Councilor of the Sisters Hospitallers, who gave an exhaustive account of their process of reflection, deepening and revision of the Constitutions.

The experience resonated with consolation as an opportunity to revitalise the charismatic identity of the Institute, and thus the vocation of each sister and of all those who walk together.

Now let’s start working and continue to ask the Spirit for the necessary light to be able to take steps as Claretians.  In the celebration of the XVIII General Chapter, after a profound dialogue, it was agreed on the need to carry out a process at Congregational level of reflection and deepening of the Constitutions in all their dimensions…  For those who read this from outside, may not know our language, the Constitutions are a practical guide for our Claretian consecrated life, which allows us to live the charism according to the Gospel in the daily life of the mission.

We recall that the Commission of Constitutions and Directory appointed by the General Government is constituted by: Ana Maria Mandrile coordinator, Mª Hortensia Muñoz, Luisa Emilia Argañaraz, María Soledad Galerón, Hilde Gardis Pili Ghele, Catherine Tulengi and Thushari Wettasinghe both as liaison of the General Government.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.