Happy feast of all Saints

1 November 2022

The Solemnity of All Saints reminds us that we all are called to participate in God’s holiness. It is a universal call.

How many life stories, how many gifts given that the Church has recognized over the centuries and that she continually proposes as witnesses of the one Gospel: Antonio María Claret, María Antonia Paris, Patrocinio Giner, Teresita Albarracín…

How many more witnesses: the sister who accompanies the students every day without looking for herself, who collects as pearls the intentions of all the collaborators assuring her prayer, who bows patiently to the pain and bafflement of others, who listens and shows compassion, who spares no time in her availability, who always gives a smile and attentive look, who always believes in the other, who has forgotten what resentment and suspicion are, who saw everything already forgiven in Jesus.The Sister who hopes against all hopes.

More than ever, in a world especially so affected by wars and injustices, let us allow ourselves to be enlightened by the lives of saints and blessed who have lived joys and sufferings on the light of the Beatitudes that Jesus announced.

Happy Festival!

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.