Invoking the Holy Spirit…

16 March 2024

On 4 March, the General Team began its time of meetings. In the afternoon, together with the sisters of the community, we had a time of prayer in which we invoked the presence of the Spirit to accompany us in our discernments and the issues to be dealt with. It was a time of deep sharing, listening and reconciliation with the kiss of peace. We felt the presence of the Spirit, fraternal communion and gratitude to God and to the sisters. We ended by invoking Mary, our Mother, and thanking her for her presence.

The following day, after sharing our personal experience of these months and evaluating our experience of service of animation and government as a team, we continued to organise the calendar of meetings. Many themes and topics await us in these days: economy, situations of the Congregation, sharing with other congregations on various topics: formation processes, links with the laity, process of reflection and deepening of the Constitutions and Directory.  Along with the topics to be discussed, we also have our times of reading, personal reflection and formation. On the 9th, we joined the online talk on the Charismatic Foundations of the Claretian Family.

On the 11th we had the presence of Father Chumi SJ, to continue to deepen our understanding of the Union of souls, to create the subject for discernment. A few days before, we prepared ourselves by personally praying several biblical texts accompanied by questions that helped us to dialogue with Jesus and his Spirit. During the meeting we had a deep sharing on the prayer of the biblical text. Afterwards, Father Chumi developed the ways for the Union of Souls according to St. Ignatius of Loyola.

We continue to count on your prayers for the next two weeks, knowing that the way to Easter unites us.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.