July 14th – Grateful Memory

14 July 2023

We began the day as usual with morning prayer followed with personal prayer allowing the Holy Spirit to inspire us for today’s work.

In the morning session the chapter community heard the different summaries of the work done in the group sharing of the previous day. The coincidences and the novelties that each group discussed were presented to the assembly by the secretaries of each group.  The assembly members offered comments and clarifications. It was a moment of prayerful listening and dialogue.  The groups worked in pairs to continue sharing on the common elements of the calls.

In the afternoon we gathered in the chapter hall to listen to the reports of the commissions for the study of the Memories of Government and Administration. The respective sisters representing the commissions read to the assembly the summary of the reports and time was given to comment on each.  With this we concluded the presentation of the Memories.

At 17:30 we joined online with the Claretian Family from different places. We shared our joy for the common charism and prayed for each other. We concluded the day with the Eucharist celebrated by Fr. David McCallum SJ, director of the discerning leadership committee of the Jesuits. His homily beautifully summarized the work we had been doing in this stage of the chapter. He invited us to be open to the work of the Spirit in us, not to fear the “generative tensions”, and to patiently await the answers the Spirit has for us.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.