July 22. St. Mary Magdalene

22 July 2017

¡Mary of Magdala, the woman who experienced the power of evil in herself (as the gospels say); but also the power of a love that transforms…disciple of Jesus, first one to see the empty tomb and the first one to learn that Jesus had risen. She went from a night of anguish and suffering to the light and joy of knowing that Jesus was alive. The Holy Father has mandated that her liturgical celebration be given the same category as that of an apostle to highlight her special mission, her example as a woman of the Church, and this is particularly significant for us as women.


Tell us Mary of Magdala about your searches…tells us what have you experienced on the road, what have you seen?

What has moved you to challenge the darkness of night?

Tell us about your faith, love, and hope? Don’t you think that as humanity we are crossing a dark night?

Who has taken the Lord? We often ask, because we find the tomb empty, and instead of a new morning, we encounter the darkness of death.

Transmit us your faith, your experience of the risen Christ, of LIFE!!! Come and teach us to sing a new song…The Lord has risen and waits for us in Galilee!!!

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.