Laudatosifying our Latin American Province

3 September 2021

On the 8th and 22nd of August we held “Virtual Meetings” motivated by the SOMI (solidarity and mission) team of our Province, under the motto: From JPIC, sharing for better living; with the aim of gradually deepening the Encyclical Laudato Sí, through creative presentations of the communities of our Province, seeking to safeguard the fragility of the most vulnerable sectors.

During the opening ceremony, we were joined by Priscilla Latela, General Prefect of the Apostolate.

These were days in which we ‘immersed’ ourselves a little more in the beautiful encyclical Laudato Si’. It was possible to appreciate the community and creative work where everyone was able to make their own mark.

It is always enriching to share dreams, desires and hopes; that is why in the first group we closed the day with the “wall of dreams”. Then in the second group we closed the day with the community commitments, which were presented in a cloud of words, including the 3 R’s (reduce, recycle, reuse), integral ecological conversion, solidarity, gratitude, being protectors of God’s work….

We thank the Lord for so much good received and we ask for his grace to gradually “laudatosify” our communities.

Cordial and fraternal blessings.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.