Launch of the XVIII General Chapter document

14 September 2023

9 September

Once the ground is prepared, the seed falls in the field to bear fruit, this is our Chapter experience and with joy and hope we met online as a Congregation in the Claretian family and with all those who walk with us, to receive the document of the XVIII General Chapter, fruit of a work carried out with a synodal attitude, of discernment and with the certainty that the Spirit of God was present in every movement that arose throughout the Chapter.

To help us to appropriate its content and to make a road map for our daily life, four key points were presented to us: convergence in synodality, calls and options for the whole congregation, caring for God’s plan, and journeying together.

Together with these reading keys were three lights that illuminate the calls and their options were presented.

The yellow light represents the Word of God that harmoniously connects with the blue light that represents the charism that is born and nourished by it. The green light is the sign of the Magisterium of the Church in recent years, which motivates and nourishes us in our missionary journey.

“Walking together we follow in the footsteps of Christ our only good.

Craftswomen of care”.

To be artisans of care is to believe in communion and to commit oneself to it in diversity, to have a contemplative gaze, and a patient heart that reflects the Samaritan pedagogy of love.

May Mary and our Founders continue to accompany us and bless us in our daily missionary commitment.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.