Launch out into deep! We cast the nets

28 March 2022

On March 26th the Claretian Missionary Sisters we launched the invitation to begin together a congregational path of missionary transformation: Launch out into deep! We cast the nets, inspired by the icon of the miraculous catch of fish (Lk 5:1-11).

170 years ago, right around this time, our first community was crossing the ocean to Cuba. From 22 February to 26 May, a journey in stages with unexpected stops.

A journey that has become paradigmatic for the life of the Congregation. It tells us that, at the beginning of our existence, when its Foundation was crystallising, in God’s providential design, we had to set out on a journey.

Mother Antonia and the four companions have lived this time of three months with different feelings, different readings, deepening the experience of God, deepening the call. Sometimes with “death in their teeth and fear“, other times, “with great confidence, as immense as the ocean that surrounded the boat”, as the mother Foundress says.

A time of learning and undoubtedly a purification of the motivations of the inspirational experience of the Foundation and learning in the midst of it all “the path to be walked”.

The renewal of the congregation is a continuous process, which never ends. We always need new solicitations, invitations.

Now again, we are preparing ourselves from listening to the insistent calls of the congregation towards a deeper living of our consecration, from a growing human-spiritual-charismatic integration of each sister, towards more fraternal and intercultural relationships, towards mission.

At the last meeting of Major Superiors and Councils we discerned the need to develop a congregational response to our reality. And we set the following objective: “We want to arrive at the XVIII General Chapter “as a renewed Congregational Body, as consecrated women in a process of conversion, who are making the journey of walking with others, who live and work for an inclusive and intercultural fraternity for the mission”.

The Church’s call to walk together towards a synodal Church, in communion, participative and missionary, confirms the path we are on.

We set out on a journey, with the desire to keep the sails of our boat unfurled in the wind of the Spirit.

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During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.