Meeting of Youth Ministry Responsibles

17 June 2022

On Friday 10 June 2022, the day after the conclusion of the assembly of the Independent Delegation of Congo, Brother Carlos cmf, organised a formative meeting in the framework of the Youth Vocation Ministry.

During this encounter he told us about Claret Way, a network until then less dominated by the Claret Way groups in French-speaking Africa, he explained to us what we expect from this network, how to transmit our Claretian charism and make Claret known to the young people. A few days before, he had given us the documents on Claret Way (the founding document and the appendices) for personal reading, in order to facilitate the sharing during the encounter.

After Carlos’ presentation on the global network, a space was opened for dialogue and sharing of experiences in our different apostolates with young people. We shared our ideas on how to make our apostolate fruitful and he urged us to think about designing a three-year pastoral project.

We found this meeting very interesting, especially for those of us who did not yet have a concrete idea of the network. We are grateful to Carlos for taking the time to give this training, rich in content. His presence in Congo was for us an opportunity and a stimulus to launch ourselves more into the apostolate.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.