New government team of the South Asia Delegation

18 January 2024

Through the intercession of María Antonia París we would like to present to the Lord the new government team of the Independent Delegation of South Asia for the triennium 2024-2027, consisting of:

Superior delegate: Thomas, Rajani

Vicar and secretary: Edwin Kandasamy, Mary Resilda

Second councilor and finance officer: Kujur, Ranjitha James

Will be accompanied by a delegate of the Superior General: Amilbia Penagos Martinez.

We thank God and the sisters for their availability and generosity in welcoming this new service and carrying out the strategic plan defined during the assembly for the next three years.

A special thanks to the sisters of the outgoing team, Thushari, Jegajothi, Pravina, Shophia and Roshani for having accompanied the processes of the Delegation in recent years with missionary dedication. We count that their acquired experience and wisdom will continue to be generously offered to the growth of the Delegation.

As members of the same body we feel the call to place at the service of the Delegation the gifts received for the mission. Let us live and work together in the love of God, in mutual help, and collaboration. (cf. Const. 38).

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.