On the path of the congregational seminary

24 July 2020

As we have announced, to sustain the rhythm of the work of the sisters who are studying the Interculturality Seminary and illuminate the Congregational experience, the workshop on the paths from multiculturalism to interculturality has been held. The basic concepts from the reality and contextualized theology have been presented.

Clues have been given for the deepening of the topics that are being worked on by the sisters. Starting from the importance of the knowledge of the own culture and of the context in which the Founders lived, to arrive at a proposal of synthesis between some of the values ​​of the culture which we come from or carry out the mission and the chosen characteristics of the charism.

Our sister Ondina (Chiqui) Cortes, has animated the meeting in which almost 50 sisters participated and the session was recorded and it is available on our YouTube channel: CLARETIANAS RMI. https://youtu.be/MPiyH5xLYwQ

The next workshop will be in September and we are already looking forward to hosting the fruits of the work in the face-to-face seminar, postponed to April 2021. Trusting in God it can be done.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.