Preparing the “instrument of work” : XVIII General Chapter

12 April 2023

The group is made up of: Margarita Bordallo from the province of Europe, Vivian González from the province of V. de Guadalupe, Patricia Molina from the province of Latin America, Stefania Vannozzi from the province of Europe with the coordination of Priscilla and Amilbia by the GG.

The words of welcome of Superior General Jolanda Kafka were followed by a space of illumination offered by herself around the faithful listening to reality which it is manifested to us in the voice of the sisters and of all those who walk together. It has been a motivation to pay attention to what communes and what stands out beyond the limit of interpretation, the temptations of the bitter, conflictive or beautifying look; see and listen from inner freedom deeply, and elaborate an instrument of work that reflects  the what sisters and those who walk togethe express, facilitating the informative and projective phase of the chapter assembly.

The dynamic of work inspired by that of the Synod is guiding the steps of prayerful reading, conversation and consensus of the contributions received: signs of life of the restructuring, changes and implications given in the  inspirations, values and commitments of the XVII General Chapter and projection for the future in the Calls.

The times of work are accompanied by spaces of brief illuminations on themes of union of minds (Francisco José Ruiz sj), on spiritual conversation (Amilbia) and on the exercise of repetition (Priscilla), towards the consensus.

The commission counts on your prayers to carry out its mission in the light of the Spirit.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.