Rebuilding the Global Compact on Education 2021 – Province of Latin America

13 September 2021

Religious communities and educators from the six schools of the Province of Latin America met in a virtual meeting on Saturday 4 September to discuss Pope Francis’ invitation to renew the Global Compact on Education.

Guided by Priscilla Latela, General Prefect of Apostolate, we were able to deepen our educational and apostolic task to generate formative spaces of transformation, with the mission of building a world of justice and peace.

Motivated by the following questions: What should we all learn to be better people, more welcoming and fraternal and to educate our students with life rather than with words? What do you propose to do from your educational centre to care for and improve the environment? We were invited to reflect on a Pedagogy that seeks, in the light of Our Founders, the reconstruction of a web of relationships for a more fraternal and supportive humanity.

International Office of Catholic Education Also, Mirta Morales, secondary school principal at our Colegio Padre Claret in Cordoba shared about the work done at the Inter-congregational meeting promoted by the OIEC (International Catholic Education Office). For further information.

Together with 13 other countries, our congregation, represented by her, contributed concrete lines of work for the visibility of the Catholic School for the universal right to education.

We give thanks to God for this fraternal encounter which, in Shared Mission, commits us to form an educational alliance guided by the legacy of Saint Anthony Mary Claret and María Antonia París.

Mirta M.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.