Remembering Maria Patrocinio Giner 2017

12 November 2017

On November 13 we remember Maria Patrocinio Giner, a Claretian missionary Martyr (Portichol de Valldigna, Spain – 1936) who has left us the testimony of a consecrated woman deeply in love with Jesus, of a strong and courageous faith and a solid Claretian identity, committed to missionary service through the education, the promotion of women, the formation and animation of sisters.

 In her Memory we dedicate to all a short echo of her biography:

“She was an exemplary religious, she knew how to pierce the depths of the heart giving importance to essential things in life: love for God, to the heart of Jesus, of whom she was very devout, and the Virgin Mary; be sensitive and put remedy as much as possible to the necessities of the people we have by our side; to welcome each one as he/she is and to value his/her effort; remember that we always live in the presence of God.”

María Patrocinio, take care of our faith,
intercede for us so that we may grow in hope
and let God transform ourselves by and in His love!

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During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.