Remembering Teresita Albarracin

11 March 2017

Teresita Albarracin (1927-1946) – Claretian Missionary Sister

Little more than 19 years, very few but for her and for God they were enough to come to realize in her life a process that transformed this teenager with great desires in a young woman capable of unconditional self -giving.

The process she went through had two great strengths: her love for Jesus and her trust in the Father, expressed in an extraordinary, yet at the same time simple capacity, to translate it into small and concrete gestures of each day. A daily life with meaning and consciously desired, even “impatiently” as a sign of love: this is the life of Teresita.

This was the fundamental motivation of her decision to enter the missionary Congregation that she kept alive till the end. This motivation has been integrating her, attracting as a magnet to her Center that was Jesus.

What a wonderful example of life! Who is today searching God and ways to serve Him? … “Whom shall I send?”…

(in the respourses you may find more about her life)

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.