Remembering the life of Mª Teresita Albarracín

26 September 2022

This date reminds us of 26 September, 80 years ago. The day of her entry into the Congregation.

M.ª Teresita after receiving the desired response from the sisters: she could enter. The departure was set for Tuesday 22 September.

Marí-Carmen spent the last days of her family life with a certain impatience, saying goodbye to her friends and preparing her clothes and belongings. One or two days before leaving, she made her last visit to the Church of the Heart of Mary, in the shadow of which she had discovered her vocation, and said goodbye to Fr Fandos and her companions in the Cordimarian Youth. Two days before leaving, she joyfully wrote in her diary: “You knocked at my door and I opened it. Oh my Jesus, how happy I am, because I did not keep you waiting!

The 22nd finally arrived. In the afternoon, María Carmen, surrounded by her family and her mother, went to the Los Molinos halt. At twenty-five past eight the express arrived. Last kisses and hurried hugs and the young woman boarded the train, preceded by her brother Eduardo, who was going to accompany her to Madrid. With a sharp whistle, the train started to move. There at the station her mother and other siblings stood waving their hands. Of them, only Ma Luisa would see her again in this life.

They passed through Madrid where Mª-Carmen made a general confession. She then boarded the train from Madrid to Barcelona on her own. Sister María Cruz Infante was waiting for her at Gracia station in Barcelona.

When the Mother General, Mother Vicar and other mothers saw it, they were very impressed. This is how they put it:

-Mother General: “The impression that María del Carmen Albarracín made on me when she entered the Postulancy was that she was a privileged soul, and the good impression I formed of her grew as I came to know her. One could see in her a precocious intelligence, far superior to her young age. Her way of reasoning and discoursing, always with a background of admirable humility, was enchanting”.

-The mistress of novices: “I remember the great impression she made on me when I saw her on the evening of her arrival, 26 September 1942. Her countenance reflected the joy of being among us. I was struck by her modesty and above all by her smile”.

Memories taken from the book “Itinerario espiritual de una joven claretiana de Juan Manuel Lozano cmf.

Community of Barcelona

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.