Sharing Life and Mission

11 February 2022

On February 4, Priscilla and Amilbia, prefects of apostolic mission and formation, began the visit to the communities of Nigeria in the mission province of Africa.  The first stop was Owerri, where the formation community is located, made up of 3 sisters, 2 novices, a postulant and an aspirant. The days go by and are rich in sharing, praying, reflecting, living together, getting to know the places where the sisters carry out the evangelising mission: in the field of health and in the field of education and parish ministry in a mission shared with the Claretian family, especially with the Claretian missionaries. The dedication of each one, directed towards the poorest, moves us. We also highlight the long sharing in the process of discernment in the light of the charism on the urgencies and calls in this reality.

We remain open to the creativity of the Spirit to welcome whatever he wants to give us at any given moment in this time.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.