Strengthen ties

10 November 2020

During the missionary month, we had the opportunity to “Strengthen Ties” and to get to know other communities of the Congregation throughout the world.

Sr. Dominga R. from the community of María Inmaculada Córdoba (Argentina), tells us:

“We thought in community that it would be good to strengthen ties with some of the communities that had the same characteristics as ours, since is a house of older sisters and we decided for the community of older sisters of Italy that are in Villa Claret-Cinquina (Rome).

Waiting for the day of the meeting Patricia M. and Daniela M. made a video of our community as a presentation.

On November 7th we could finally connect with the sisters of Italy. It was a beautiful meeting in spite of the difficulties in the connection. For some it was to meet other sisters and for others it was to remember and see again sisters we had known and lived with in other times… How many mixed feelings!  We shared what we are doing and made a journey in what is a day for each community… and we are left with the desire to meet again and do something more, together.  For now we committed ourselves to pray in a special way for our communities”.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.