The XVIII General Chapter Has Concluded

2 August 2023

We concluded on July 31 at noon, in a solemn session in which we approved the minutes in their entirety and we have treated all the topics brought to the Chapter.

Priscilla, our superior general, addressed the closing remarks to the assembly, making the journey of the chapter process, gathering its fruits and also scanning the horizon of what the post-chapter implies in the immediate future.

That’s why we can say that chapter e ends … life begins according to the XVIII Chapter in which not only the 34 capitulars present, but the entire Congregation, make our own the call to walk together following in the footsteps of Christ our only good, artisans of care.

We have come down from the mountain of “Rocca di Papa” where our “transfiguration” took place. Most of the capitulants are already arriving at their destinations.

 The enormous gratitude to all those who accompanied us with prayer, affection and friendship in the days of the work. The Lord has been great and that is why we are joyful; Blessed be He for such kindness!

We have been able to enjoy the strength of his charity that urges us, and we have truly experienced how Jesus has been advising us and teaching us the ways.

The Congregation begins a new period of its life, with hope and trust in God.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.