Visit mission Nigeria

24 February 2015

Our missionary presence in Nigeria has grown up opening to different areas of the evangelizing mission. Anna, Angelica, Aime, Nestorine are working in different apostolates: education and Christian formation (Aime and Nestorine in collaboration with the Claretian Missionaries), Anna and Angelica in the area of health (in the centers of the Diocese (Owerri), with another religious congregation and a private institution). Besides this they are carrying out a vocational project and offer support in the discernment and promotion of women.
In order to extend our service and charisma we have visited the Diocese of Makurdi much needed of animation and pastoral formation; we will study this possibility while in Owerri eventually it materializes the prospect of building our house. At present there are two candidates – Vivian and Amaka. We wish to continue to grow in communion and zeal for evangelization and to build up principal of peaceful coexistence within big diversity and conflicts of this nation.

See more new pictures in the part marked by the flag of Nigeria

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.