Vocational May 2021 – third week

17 May 2021

In this third week of the vocational month (from the 16th to the 22nd), we would like, if possible, organise a face-to-face or virtual meeting (taking into account the COVID regulations), with young people close and not so close to us. Offering them a space of welcoming, of attentive listening to their realities and dreams and also an opportunity for feedback on how they see us and what they would ask of us, responding through a Form, chat or WhatsApp.

If you are a young person between 18 and 30 years old and would like to reply to the form, click on this link: https://forms.office.com/r/w7XvSwZXq8

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.