We take care of the treasure in earthen vessels

1 February 2024

On 2 February, the Church celebrates the Day of the Consecrated, joining the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple with the possibility of renewing, recognising and celebrating the vocation to the consecrated life.

The renewal of the profession of the evangelical counsels is an opportunity to recognize God’s work in our lives. God the Father is a Potter, as the book of Jeremiah presents Him to us. In the Gospels we discover how Jesus allowed himself too to be shaped by Him in his human journey of growth and searching. As consecrated women, we give our lives to God, we offer ourselves with humility and trust, like fragile clay in his hands so that he can model us, so that he can make each one of us a unique and unrepeatable piece. Although He wants to see us all with the likeness of His Son, He does so in a personal way as He wishes.

God constantly shapes us through his Word, the Sacraments, the encounter with others and the confrontation with reality, life situations and their challenges. God recognizes that it is a gift given in fragile vessels of humanity, which are always being “worked”, as St. Paul says. This process of modelling, attentive, careful, reconstructing, from the essence and limits of each person, full of tenderness and mercy, never ends.

Faithfulness is giving consensus to Him and allowing ourselves to be moulded; to recognize His work in me, and to live in a true, authentic way what I am called to be in my apostolic Claretian life, accepting the newness of the Gospel every day as a compass of my journey.

We invite you to watch the Video about the potter, prepared by the General Spirituality Team. An example of craftsmanship from Asturias (Spain), a symbolic image that introduces us to biblical texts.

During these days, the text “María Antonia París, friend and companion in the journey” is being distributed.